As a media company, the need for writers can not be overemphasized. hence, your are free to join our team. The job is 80% online based 20% office based. Hence you are expected to have your personal computer or tablet for content development. Also your gadget should be internet enabled for research and communication.

[Work on THREE (3) topics minimum from STAGE ONE A & B each]


(A) Second Person Reporting On (1) Past Event (With Images) (2) Coming Event (with Images) (3) Question and Answer (4) Parenting (5) Entertainment (6) Art (7) Beauty (8) Fashion (9) Health

(B) Third Person Reporting on (1) The CEO (Any CEO of your choice - small or big but with impactful story) (2) Naija Gist & Global Gist (3) Personality Profile (4) Documentary (About a people or place) (5) Interview (6) Best of Best (School, Hotel, Restaurants, etc) (7) Local News (8) Foreign News

Note: All write up must have HUMAN FACE and also Community Based. We are watching your speed, content and accuracy. Send Your Articles to:


You only come to level two when you pass level one. Passing level one means you have articles with minimal or no input by our team of editors. At this level, you will start the documentation process of becoming a full employee of HERALD and you will be entitled to your wages. If your article require serious work to make it usable, then you will be taken as intern staff for three months within which period you will be trained further by our team of professionals. After this period of training, you will be tested again. TO START CAREER ONE, Click Here to Register


We also have need for professional online marketers who will push the brand and content of HERALD MAGAZINE. We already have the following accounts: Google Plus, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Reddit. If you need any information on them, kindly call: 09030556266

(a) Search Engine Optimization

(b) Social Media Campaign

(c) Email marketing

(d) Monitor and Measure Online Performance

To start, you have to sign in so that your work will be recorded and monitored. If after your first eight (8) hours of work you score below average in the four key areas as listed, you will be accepted as intern staff. The period internship will run for 3 months. And if you score above average, you will start the documentation process of becoming a full employee of HERALD and you will be entitled to your wages. TO START CAREER TWO, Click Here to Register