89 year old grandmother transformed into a beauty queen.

The ways at which makeup transform women these days is fast becoming alarming, to the extent at which some men do not recognize their wives or girlfriends. A talented makeup artist has just gained more respect and credit for being able to transform an 89 year old grandmother into a beauty queen, despite her age.The makeup artist identified as Alesha Mua, took to her Facebook handle to post the picture of this amazing transformation with the caption:“I am always up for a challenge…. I got call to do a special delivery for this beautiful 89 year old grandmother all the way in the south….She said want a purple lip to match my Kente cloth and we delivered. Love to all the grandmothers out there you also need some pampering…I love my job. Pls let us show some love for this sweet granny who is still slaying in old age…Happy Easter and keep those referrals coming.”
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