Indeed, her heart holds passion and dedication for impacting lives, ? her beauty enchants millions of hearts. The persona that makes thousand head turns is MONICA MYAHWEGI, Former Miss Adamawa.

Monica was crowned Miss Adamawa last year and the pretty Queen is taking bold steps; bent on making every moment count. One of such bold stride is Queen Monica Myahwegi Foundation; which aimsat empowering and educating women and children in her community. Her visit to IDP CAMPS was indeed a blessing to those that participated in the empowerment scheme for women and free computer basics training for children at the center.

Her humble spirit questions the stereotype that pageant queens are pompous. Queen Monica Myahwegi surprised many on her birthday; because not only did she celebrate her birthday at almajiras home despite being a Christian, she also conducted a sanitation program throughout her state to mark Valentine's day this is quite different from the norm. In her words "I believe everybody needs love whether he/she is a Christian or a Musllim and, the almajirai need more love from the society." The humble queen replied when she was asked what informed her choice for almajirai home for her birthday.

Monica Myahwegi is from Numan local government and proudly Bachama by tribe. The intelligent and indigenous queen gave details of her heritage and state.She said, 'Bachama -numan are known to be fearless warriors, great fishermen. A box of fish is a souvenir for most of our visitors, gigle. Also, we are highly educated, sociable because the first missionary came through river Benue which made our tribe one of the first settlers who brought about civilization, education and Christianity.' She added that,' Presently, Adamawa state is an embodiment of growth in all ramifications, the state has witnessed lots of development recently, thanks to our amiable governor. Adamawa is a viable place for investment. We have rich cultural heritage; our sukuru cultural heritage tribe is marked by UNESCO as the first in Nigeria. Adamawa is a peaceful state. Never think of insurgency when you hear Adamawa.'



Royalty flows in her vein; she was named Monica Myahwegi after her grandmother, who was also a queen. Queen Monica Myahwegi is from a royal family of six-- her parents, one elder sister and two younger brothers. She left her parents at the age of five for Kaduna state, dwelt with her aunty and later had her secondary education in Abuja. Like a rose that grows out of thorns, her early years in life were not so good. She fought through failures, depression and stigma arising from not living with her parents as a child. 'Though I was not a happy child; I fought through it and here I am! I believe my experience made me discover my purpose which is reaching out to humanity, motivating and helping people that are depressed. I have been there, I survived it; they too can. Also, my aunty worked with UNICEF Mrs Gladys Sule, attending to women and children in need. Right from that tender age I had felt the need to help others so I made a sacrifice of moving from Abuja to settle in Yola I completely fell in love with being a humanitarian . Also, growing up in an environment where people lack the basic necessities has helped fuel this passion. That is why most of my project is set to help people in need and that is what Queen Monica Myahwegi Foundation is all about.' The passionate queen explained.

Just as every life is govern by individuals' philosophy, Queen Monica Myahwegi is not an exception. She believes that life is best enjoyed with simplicity. 'I believe for any position we attain in life we should always remember how we got elevated. So, it's not an opportunity to be rude or to be ill-mannered. Rather one should be real; I love to be real so I don't have to keep up with being fake. Also I believe looking good is a good business. I believe in one Nigeria as united we stand, divided we fall.’

The charming Queen is working hard to achieve her dream of being an On-Air-Personality and creating more opportunity for the youths in her state . Her rise and reign as a queen would not have been possible if not for Classique Couture Entertainment for the platform they created. She is most grateful. She also owe so much to her parents Mr and Mrs Lenti Myahwegi for believing in her. So much thanks to them for supporting her.

With her title it is understandable if many people look up to her, some call her a queen with a difference, a Motivational speaker and humanitarian. This young queen will keep reigning with or without a title because she is an agent of peace, positive, patriotism and productivity and ambassador of GREENR NIGERIA (NGO)

By Ayokunle Maraiyesa

Queen Monica Myahwegi Foundation Activities

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