Mission Statement: Redeveloping And Serving The Mandate Of Ward H In Mushin, Lagos - Barrister Yomi Isiba

Mission Statement: Redeveloping And Serving The Mandate Of Ward H In Mushin, Lagos – Barrister Yomi Isiba

Many Councilors in Lagos State may have come and gone with some bitter sweet memories to behold. However, Accord Party (AP) Councilor candidate in Mushin Ward H Local Government, Barrister Yomi Isiba bares his mind in this special interview with HeraldNewMagazine's Augustine Akhilomen on his mission to redevelop, serve and consolidate on the progressive development of the party in Lagos State.

How would you describe your mood when you are choosing as the party Councilorship aspirant for Mushin Ward H?

It's a wonderful thing and mixed feelings for me because I was very happy at one point after winning the primaries at Ilupeju at the Accord Party state headquarter in Lagos. The second thing that makes it a mixed feeling for me was that I was not too flattered because it's a very rigorous top job considering the fact that there is a lot involve in it. Most people look at the portfolio that comes with it without thinking deep about the enormous job that the office of the Councilor entails. So it was a good one for me generally. Besides, you have to be a Councilor for the people in order to reach out to them.

Considering your popularity amongst the youths in Ward H, do you think that will be enough to win you the position on Juy 22?

It is a plus that I am popular among the youths in Ward H but then, you need more than that to really win the Councilorship election come July 22. Anyway, I have always associated myself with the youths and I appreciate the fact that they have also recognized my ambition. The truth is, my popularity among the youths will be a major factor to some extent in the sense that if you have done something terrible during the relationship that we have had in the past, then by now, it would have affected my political career. I must say that our people need a proper representation in regardless of party interest, religious and ethnic differences. Like what Hon. Abayomi Dauda, a house of representative member at the Federal level will always say, that you have to be a grassroots person to experience how they feel. You can’t be representing the people while living outside Itire. Then how do you tend to bring the government closer to the people. These and many are what Accord Party will manifest if voted in.

What really differentiate you from other candidates vying for the Councilorship position?

What will I say because I believe God created us differently even though we tend to think alike. However, this is Accord Party (AP) that deals with the people and the progress of the people. We are committed to ensuring that we serve the people judiciously without leaving anything behind. I am here to dine and wine with our people because I have been part and parcel of Ward H and that's what really makes us different from other Councilors battling for this position.

Besides, what is your mission statement as far as changing the facelift of the Mushin Ward H is concern?

Our mission statement is that we want to change that change. And we want to change it for the best for the worst. We want to change that change for something tangible and visible; like you see in most of our fliers and stickers. One of the things we want to do that has not been done in the history of Lagos State as far as Councilorship is concern, is that we will open a ward office where people can promote their complains, criticize us constructively and shares their views with us. We can't just be Councilors and be representing ourselves. Our mission is like visionary perspective, knowing what the people desire and working towards better days for them. We are not just planning for two or four years but a future thing and people should quote us for this if they eventually voted us into power. Representing the people remains our priority in the party.

Do you see the task of representing Accord Party as Councilor in Mushin Ward H a challenge you can overcome?

I emphatically say yes to it. Representing Accord Party in Ward H is an enormous challenge but with wisdom I sincerely believe I can overcome it. We are not just going there to represent ourselves but the interest of the people in Ward H. We will be able to overcome it going by what people have been saying about some of the past councilors who have not done pretty well. Besides, there is this believe that Itire is a slump area, something which ought not to be considering the fact that often times they have ignored the interest of the people in this area. Most importantly, we need to idealize programmes that will help to empower our youths and ensure that become an instrument of economic value to the state. Like I keep saying that Coucilorship position is not joke because it involves a great deal. It is not a place you go and drive around without doing something tangible.

Realistically now, if peradventure you are elected into the office as Councilor for Mushin Ward H on July 22, what sort of changes should the people be expecting from you based on all what you have outlined?

Yes based on what I have outlined, I sincerely believe that the peoples interest would come first because they have giving me the mandate to represent them. Mind you everyone can not be in that office, one people must represent them and we have to come back to them. We want to be role model to the people in Ward H and to achieve that we must have to distinguish ourselves as a respectable councilor.

We will facilitate programmes that will truly impact positive values to their lifestyles. I am not here to enrich myself but to serve the people and ensure that they are properly represented. However, we are appealing to the people in ward H to allow us them in the political office by voting our party on July 22.



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