Our HERALD HEROES award nomination goes to Hon. Jasper Azuatalam. we have followed with keen interest the rising, dexterity and maturity of this young man who is now a member of the Board of Trustees of the Nigerian ruling political party, All Progressives Congress – APC. He is the President of Movement for Accountability and Good Governance (MAGG), the President of Buhari Vanguard, (a support group for President Buhari during the 2015 Presidential elections) and now Executive Director of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), an agency charged with the responsibility of providing social security protection and safety nets for all Nigerians against deprivations and income insecurity in accordance with national and international laws, conventions and world best practices. Also with him in this office are Tijani Suleiman, Kemi Nelson, all are Executive Directors and Bayo Somefun, Managing Director.

Today’s occasion has gone further to prove that Hon. Jasper strongly believe in good governance and better life for the people. Hence, the founding and launching of Azuatalam Better-Life Foundation (ABF)

We are inspired by the work of this young man because of his sense of loyalty/conviction to the ideals he holds dear and we are sure he found those ideals embodied in the person of our indefatigable President Muhammadu Buhari.

He is personal friend of His Excellency President Buhari and studied under the feet of Mr. President then commonly referred to as the “People's General”. It will interest you to know that Hon. Jasper Azuatalam climaxed to this position is a concrete embodiment of the ideal nation the president preaches. The president said, “I do not belong to anyone but, I belong to everyone”. This young man believes in the idea of thriving Nigeria irrespective of religion, origin, tribe, etc.

Hon. Jasper is of the opinion that good governance has nothing to do with religion as what Nigerians need is not reasoning along religious differences but better governance which APC promised and is delivering.

According to Hon Jasper, “President Buhari is a Muslim and has every right to practice his religion which he said doesn't stop the Christians from practicing their own religion, “when a Christian says I'll work hard to spread the gospel, if you are a Christian you won't see anything wrong with that. “When a Muslim says I'm going to do well to spread the tentacles of Sharia which is the principle of Islam you think otherwise because you don't understand what he is saying.”

It’s time we reason together and understand each other. We are the new generation, we are one.


Duru Sunny-George (DSG) CEO/Publisher DSG HERALD

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