What to do about 60 million teenage pregnancies in Nigeria

What to do about 60 million teenage pregnancies in Nigeria

By Peace Uzomah, KadunaI remember those days as a little girl of 5years.Anytime I see my mother comes home with a baby,my thoughts is that my mother has bought a baby from the hospital.As children it was fun to ask our friends to disturb their mother to collect baby from the health centres especially childhood peers who are only child .Children mind can be so interesting. Baby making and the processes involved was sacred like an oath. Those days the type of media messages permitted by one own parents were limited.no cable or satellite or DVD, phones and laptop.We have to make with the good old UHF and VHS cassette.One would watch tom and jerry, Sound of music back to back and sesame street. Fast forward to the present day, a child of 4 years old knows so much about sex...it is no longer odd to hear a child tell you F**k you..and will blatantly tell his mother"Mama born junior for me ,I am tired of playing alone". But what is really becoming a pandemic is the high rate of promiscuity among our teenage girls.Young girls between the ages of 15 years to 19 years are fast becoming hyper sexually active.Many girls are so quick to loose their virginity this days as one begin to wonder if it is still a virtue.? This days we see situation where young girls are practicing married at school and single at home both at tertiary and secondary school so to say.They practically live with a girls young man who also out of ignorance expose to the series of unsafe abortions that at the long run will affect her chances of having children at the right time. Recently "Dr.Omasanjuwa Edun Lagos state chapter of The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative(NURHI) has described teenage pregnancies as an important public health problem that calls for concern as the National population Commission paid reported that more than 60million teenage pregnancies were recorded in the country in 2015. There was need for adolescent girls to know and guard against unwanted circumstances such as unwanted pregnancies to secure their future." When I ponder at the 60million my heart skip as I consider the number outrageous not even in thousand .There is an urgent need for parents ,guardians and relevant authorities to start deep sex education with their wards as some parents, the only sex education is to tell their daughters not to allow boys to see their pants. Hello it has gone beyond such old school jams as adolescent learns from other sources such as peers ,friends and the media. But this youth have liver they are not even scared of HIV and STDs  added with a truncated future. However it will be not be out of place to equally introduce family planning to these category of young adults as it will go a long way at sensitizing them on sex,the consequences of choices chosen and how it will affect them in life. Family planning is no longer exclusive to married couples alone .It is for all sexually active individuals. Parents when you talk about sex to your teenagers ,address the issue as though you are talking to your mate .Any one who starts eating the forbidden fruit is no longer a baby.. Already Adolescent birth rate in Nigeria stands at 122 birth per 1000 women between the ages of 15 to 19 years. It pays to be wise so that the future of our girls will not be truncated at the early stage of life.Our girls are the mothers of our nation, we must protect them from themselves.To the girls and boys who will read this piece,there is time for everything,this is the time to work out the maths of your future not the mathematics of bedmatics.


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