Sending Armed Soldiers To Biafra is Political Suicide - BZF President, Onwuka

Sending Armed Soldiers To Biafra is Political Suicide – BZF President, Onwuka

Biafra Zioninsts Federation (BZF) have described the action of the Federal Government of deploying soldiers to invade the residence of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu as political suicide.On Sunday the Nigerian army were alleged to have attacked some suspected IPOB members that prevented them from gaining entrance into Kanu's home.In a statement by the BZF President, Barr. Benjamin Onwuka on Tuesday, they issued a 48hrs warning to the FG to pull out their army from the Southeast region, most especially in Umuahia, where the IPOB leader's home is or face serious sanction.“Army has nothing to do with Biafra and this intimidation will not work. Biafra is alive; Biafra has since been recognized by the US. So, it can no longer be crushed. Our back-up is the US. So, Buhari is wasting his time, because the Army will not stop Biafra’s independence.“Sending troops to come to intimidate us is not going to work. Any loss of life by any Biafran, whoever it is, is a great pain and regrettable, but they will pay very dearly.“I am warning them; I’m giving them 48 hours that all troops in the South-East, the South-South and the Middle Belt, must be withdrawn immediately. They are going to pay a heavy price.“My heart goes out to all the Biafrans kiilled and their families. These soldiers behaved like terrorists. In the North, the Boko Haram and the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen are killing people in thousands; in the middle-belt civilians are being killed by rampaging herdsmen, how many troops have they sent there? But down here, they sent them to kill unarmed agitators. By Ehis Austine


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