Devolution Of Power: Nigeria Can Only Enjoy Economical Progress If… Lagos Title Chiefs Wants NASS To Pass Bill

  Lagos Titled Chiefs has called on the National Assembly to implement the devolution of power bill if Nigeria is to make progress economically and achieve its goal of a sustainably diversified economy.In the past two months, there have been call by some elite Nigerians appealing to NASS to sign into law the devolution of power bill in order to ensure that each state have that autonomous right to exercise and control and manage their resources.However, in a statement by President-Association of Lagos Titled Chiefs and Iya Abiye of Lagos, Dr. (Mrs.) Iyabo Foresythe, she believed that the amendment of the Constitution can only be complete if the National Assembly consider the need to pass into law the bill of devolution of power.“The association wonders why the federating units should be precluded from performing several important constitutional responsibilities most listed in the Exclusive Legislative list. As key stakeholders with varied interests in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos and the economic capital of Nigeria, we are of the strong view that there is a need to identify and address the provision in the 1999 constitution as amended that had become a stumbling block.“One of such provisions is the “Devolution of Power to States”, vide decongesting the Exclusive Legislative list. For us, an association of prominent members of the Lagos Community who have served the State and the Nation meritoriously, our request to revisit the position on devolution of power is borne out of our realisation of the potentialities of Lagos State, germane to enhancing its economy and revenue.“Our position is that if Nigeria is to make progress economically and achieve its goal of a sustainably diversified economy and revenue base, it must reform its political economic institutions in order to reflect the legitimate aspirations of the different groups of Nigerians that are voluntarily resident in cosmopolitan Lagos. The less subjugation of the federating units nay states, that are the engines of our march to economic development, the more the bondage that has shackled Nigeria’s economic potentials will be loosened. By Ehis Austine


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