Some Nigerians Are Heartbroken Nigeria is Out Of Recession - Presidency

Some Nigerians Are Heartbroken Nigeria is Out Of Recession – Presidency

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President, Femi Adeshina has condemned those indifferent Nigerians who are showing some elements of discontentment that the nation have exited from recession.

Last week, the National for Bureau of Statistics announced that Nigeria have overcome the challenges of recession, the worst in over 25 years.

Rathan than applaud the present administration under the dispensation of President Muhammadu Buhari for a job well done, Adeshina revealed that it was criticisms that they received in return.

He posited on his Facebook account that Nigerians should cultivate the habit of appreciating the efforts of President Buhari in his fight to ensure Nigeria recover from their economic challenges.

“Some people spend their lifetime expecting thunderstorms and hurricanes, so they never enjoy showers of blessing. Their addled minds expect negative news, so they never enjoy good tidings. Restructuring, restructuring, that is what such minds need.

“It (Nigeria’s exit from recession) was cheery news for majority of Nigerians, save for those in the gall of bitterness. They spat in the sky, and collected the spittle with their faces. Who gave Nigeria the permission to exit recession? Who gave her the audacity of hope?

“How can the economy attempt to rebound, when it should sink deeper and deeper into the miry clay? They were in the doldrums, unhappy because good news came for the country.

“The party in power is not my own, so why should Nigeria make progress under it? They, therefore, throw all sorts of tantrums and attempt to rubbish the news on exit from recession. Left to them, they wish that when NBS releases results for the next quarter, Nigeria should have gone back into recession. Filthy dreamers! Awful imaginations!

“When they speak hateful words, they speak their native language, their mother tongue. Don’t mind the elevated offices they occupy now, or which they have occupied in the past. They are in the throes, in the paroxysms of bitterness. Only a restructuring of the mind can save them.

“So loud is the cacophony of voices over restructuring that if you ask 100 people what they mean, they give you 100 different explanations.

“However, is political restructuring the most urgent thing Nigeria needs now? I don’t think so.

“For me, what is more urgent is the restructuring of the Nigerian mind. A mind that sees the country as one, that believes that we have a future and a hope, that believes that we are one people under God.”

By Ehis Austine


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