Esema Of Benin Kicks Against Creation Of State Police

Esema Of Benin Kicks Against Creation Of State Police

Esama of Benin Kingdom, Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion has rejected call for the creation of a state police due to the fact that politicians are often found abusing it unjustly.

Having served the nation as a police officer in his early days,Igbinedion who was celebrating his 83rd birthday on Sunday, adviced the Federal Government to continue to maintain the existing method of policing in the country and avoid a repeat of what happened in the early 50s and 60s.

“I vehemently object to State Police. We that saw State Police will not pray for it to come to this country again. Do you know what it took us to uproot State Police? Do you know how the politicians used them to their advantage? Please, write with your ten hands against it.

"The politicians, they think they are there today but they do not know that they will not be there tomorrow. Anybody that agitates for State Police does not love this country. What native police did to this country in the 50’s, 60’s even in your life you will not want them to come up again.”

By Ehis Austine


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